Hey Sharks, happy humpday!
Today I bring to you a piece I have worked on for a few weeks, but in the midst of getting my new website up, I had to hold on the back burner. I am happy to say it is now done.

Before I begin, I would like to thank Shane Jordan personally for writing such an amazing and inspiring book and thank you for letting me read it for free. I would highly recommend everyone to read it. Now to some review questions.

Explain what books you like to read: I like to read everything and anything. Back when I was in grade school, all I did was read. I would finish one of those “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books in just 1 day, which was fast for an 8-year-old. Some of my friends were shocked at my speed and comprehension. I stopped reading for most of high school, simply because I couldn’t find the time or a good book for most of it. Now that I’m in college and have an entire library that I can go and check out as many books as I want, my reading habit has come back to life.

What were your thoughts on this book before reading it? Did you have any assumptions or expectations? Not really, I try to not judge a book by its cover. However, I will say that I did enjoy the cover of this book. I did think it would’ve been in a very strict format, but he was very laidback with his wording, which I enjoy a lot. The book was on a serious matter, but in a casual tone which made it easier to read.

What were your thoughts after reading it? What interested you, what did you find funny, what shocked you etc. To begin with, I love how Shane expresses himself and what he stands for so fearlessly. One of my favorite quotes from the book would be “It can be very scary to let others judge you, your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, but it can also hit positive nerves that allow others to recognize and resonate with you too.” It’s powerful and 100% correct. I love how he wants to draw everyone in to work together, it really warms my heart.

What did you learn or find interesting from the book? Reflecting on it, did it change you or make you want to show an interest in environmental issues? I’ve always had an interest in environmental issues due to my love for biology, but this opened another door for me. Nowadays I am more careful when I’m shopping for food and try to live more waste-free with food. I also liked that He included information about switching from plastic bags to material ones. I went ahead and made the switch as well. Overall its a very influencing book.

Can this book relate to you even though it’s from the UK? I had no issues relating to the book.

What could have made the book better? More pictures, more details on a subject, longer book, shorter book etc. I think the book is great as it is. I mean I wouldn’t complain if there were more pictures and if it was longer, but overall I loved this book and the influence it’s had on me with my own food waste.

Why should people read this book? I think that people should be aware of how much food waste we contribute to, along with the plastic waste from bags. I think you should also read it for the recipes. These were extremely beneficial to me due to the fact that I am in college and very often on a budget. The beans on toast recipe in the very beginning is a very good example of making variants with recipes using a few different ingredients. My own version would be using bread, cheese, egg, and chorizo. I loved every new bit of information that I learned from this book. I can honestly tell you I learned a lot, and you will too.

With that being said, this review has come to an end. If you want to know more about Shane Jordan and his amazing work, here are some links for you.

Twitter: @FoodwasteShane

Instagram: shane.jordan_foodwaste

Website: https://foodwastephilosophy.com/

Until next time, Sharks